Nottingham Lace

The Nottingham Lace Industry plays an inspiring and important part at Debbie Bryan – Nottingham’s leading independent retailer.

Debbie Bryan is based in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market. The whole team have design expertise and a love for textiles and Nottingham Lace industry heritage.

We sell exceptional quality Nottingham Lace fabrics and trims and provide a made-to-measure service. A popular collection are our framed laces and lace hoops which are available in white, ecru and black. Plus our personal favourites – hand-dyed by us and ever changing – our vibrant and seasonal colour stories.

Established in 1845, Cluny Lace, our ninth-generation Lever’s Lace manufacturer work with design houses Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Gucci and Paul Smith. In 2012 supplied the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace with lace to create Kate Middleton’s Royal Lace Appliqué for her veil and shoes.

Alongside our fabrics, we sell pencil drawn, historical Nottingham Draughtmans Drawings and Lace Punchcards and Lace Embroidery Samples. These were used as part of the historic production and commerce at Nottingham’s last lace embroidery company Fewkes. Fewkes were the manufacturers of Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress laces and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding dress lace detail.

We have a vast collection of treasured vintage lace, Cluny Lever’s Lace and Fewkes Embroidered Lace available for you to explore and use when booking a unique creative party or visiting us anytime for spontaneous creativity from our Craft Menu.

Get in touch our made-to-measure service here.

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