Embroidered Nottingham Lace Hoop


Upon purchase confirmation, you’ll receive an emailed e-vite. You can then print and post, or email this to the recipient you wish to gift this too. This recipient can then call us on 0115 9507776 to arrange their booking, where they will have access to the equipment & materials needed to create the perfect Embroidered Lace Hoop.

If you are purchasing multiple gift experiences for a single person, let us know in the order notes at check-out so we can add all the details to one e-vite. If not, you shall receive individual E-Vites with their own code that can be gifted to each individual recipient.

Perfect for all skill levels.



Embroidered Nottingham Lace Hoop

Using textiles techniques such as slow embroidery, embellish your very own Nottingham Lace Hoop!

Each hoop has been hand-dyed in our studio along with our exquisite selection of Nottingham Laces- making each one completely one of a kind. Explore our collection of bright, natural and un-dyed laces before selecting your hoop. Even more, you have the option of choosing from 3 sizes; 10cm, 15cm or 20cm.

*You can make bookings anytime between 11.30-4pm Monday to Saturday | 12-3pm Sunday


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