Hannah Nunn Candle Covers


Available in  Snowdrop, Harebell,  Fennel,  Little Wren,  Daisy, Cow Parsley,  Dandelion and  Mistletoe

Skillfully designed and made by Hannah Nunn, artist and designer based in Hebden Bridge.

These candle covers make a perfect addition to your home décor, creating a beautiful candle-lit glow in any room.

Materials: Laminated parchment paper, glass jar provided to hold tea light candle
Size: 13cm x 9cm
Care instructions: To clean, use a duster to remove any loose dirt and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Switch off power supply before unplugging.

Made to order, up to 2 weeks to fulfil

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Candle Cover

Hannah Nunn is renowned for her stunning luminescent designs that are lovingly inspired by surrounding nature. Creator of home interiors from lamps to wallpapers, Hannah’s inspiration from woodlands, moorlands and meadows is the much-admired centre piece for these beautiful and intricately detailed designs.

A beautiful addition to your mantle piece as a stand-alone item, or purchase a set for an exquisite collection,

Quote from Hannah Nunn about her work

“About 20 years ago I was holding some paper cuts up to the light to enjoy the silhouettes they made and I had an ‘aha’ moment. ‘Why don’t I make lights?‘ I saw a whole range of glowing lighting flash before me!  I’m very excited to say that all these years later these lamps are creating cosy corners in homes all over the world and that they have been the making of my career as an artist.

This was the start of my adventures. The lamps led me to open a shop, write a book, exhibit all over and be part of a community of artists and makers navigating the boom of the growing internet. The best thing of all though is that my art allows my love of nature and making things to be at the heart of everything I do. It allows getting out in the woods with my camera or marveling at a wild flower to become part of every day.”

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Hannah Nunn Candle Covers


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