Create your own Nodding Cat


From a love of traditional forms of play, this collection of fun and interactive gifts are great for encouraging children to by inspired by their imagination.

In this kit, you’ll find the tools to create your own Nodding Cat and board game! Let your child’s imagination go wild!

Material: FSC certified recycled card
Care instructions: Age 5+

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Create your own Nodding Cat by Clockwork Soldier

This Nodding Cat is lovingly inspired by nostalgia, with a fresh and creative take on child’s play.

The pack includes everything you need to make your own Nodding Cat, including easy to understand how to make instructions and a mini board game of cat, mice and dog.

No glue or scissors needed!

What’s included in your Nodding Cat

  • 1 x fold-out card with 9 pre-cut and scored pieces


Creative duo Rob and Karen live and work from North London. Both with a passion for unique and charming gifts, their imaginative and playful collections as Clockwork Soldier are wonderful for educational play.

With a history in toy and game design, Rob  has long since worked in schools and community groups tackling social inclusion and bullying. Alongside Karen who has experience in the retail industry, the team wanted to bring back the old fashioned concepts of fun and imagination. Encouraging children to pay and interact, solo or with their friends and family.

Clockwork Soldier maintains a core ethos of “make and do”, embracing the traditional methods of play. Specialising in paper activities and craft kits with fun and challenging products. 


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Create your own Nodding Cat


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