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Nottingham Lace Circle Cufflinks

Nottingham Lace Circle Cufflinks

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Nottingham Lace Circle Cufflinks

Metalsmith Melissa Montague focuses on creating jewellery using traditional techniques. As well as creating a range of mixed metal objects such as vessels and spoons. She uses a mixture of different surface treatments to bring texture to her work. This works particularly well with earrings such as the tactility of these hammered silver spoon earrings.

Melissa works with metal due to its recyclable qualities. Creating some of her original, stunning and innovative jewellery from offcuts of her bigger metal projects that would otherwise hit the scrap heap.

Moreover, Melissa gains inspiration from her metal projects when working on new jewellery, handcrafting a wide range of earrings and pendants with each one of them having their own story and unique design.

The process of the jewellery starts with cut out discs of different metals, to which handles are later attached and finishing touches such as oxidisation or hammered details are added. 


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