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Debbie Bryan Design Studio

Handmade and original design

The Debbie Bryan design studio began shortly after Debbie’s own graduation in 2005, graduating from The School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University with a Masters in Fashion & Textiles and a Degree in Textile Design.

Initially designing and making knitted scarves, corsage brooches and intricate hand casted resin work, selling to leading national and international galleries and stores. Expanding the design studio in 2009, to open our St. Mary’s Gate gallery doors to the public.

Debbie Bryan design studio

“I find myself wanting one of everything, so consider yourself warned!”
Yorklington, Tripadviser

As well as expanding the business, the studio and our design processes have continued to evolve. Incorporating the use of jesmonite, digital design for ceramics, tableware and textiles and heritage craft, Cyanotype printing.

A combination of specialist skills and innovation is witnessed throughout our hand-crafted collections, producing collections to wear and for the home.

Debbie Bryan design studio

Individually handmade from start to finish, this successful resin brooch collection incorporates carefully selected materials. A nostalgic combination of heritage textiles, vintage materials and sentimental imagery are hand-cast in eco-resin.

Talentedly finished with a selection of stunning fine details, from hand-soldered surrounds to hand painted illustration and gilding.

Debbie Bryan design studio

An additional distinctive hand-casting process, we use jesmonite for its characteristically vibrant colour palettes. Casting vintage materials with a thoughtfulness to our own distinguished colour recipes.

This design studio collection is individually hand-finished with painted illustration and gilding.

Debbie Bryan design studio

Known for our trademark knitwear collections, we design and create an array of scarves and brooches. Each in a variety of stunning colour ways, made from the finest yarns with specialist techniques to hand-finish every piece.

After careful research and a considerate development process to the perfect the technique, we discovered an innovative way to edge luxury lamb’s wool knits with a synthetic structure, creating a unique curvilinear form. This process forms the foundation of our signature scarves and corsage brooches, before they are softly felted and hand-finished.

The process requires exact technical specifications with the fabrics are knitted on machinery unique to the East Midlands, a region historically leading in textile innovation in Great Britain.

“Both a colourful and daring statement, display prowess and maturity in terms of concept and execution”
Julyan, Liverpool Design Festival

Debbie Bryan design studio

Luxury cotton, lamb’s wool and mohair scarves, created on historic British machinery and hand finished in our Lace Market studio. These scarves, designed by us, are knitted using traditional methods unique to the East Midlands. With their sophisticated colour palette, these scarves are a perfect gender-neutral addition to any wardrobe.

Debbie Bryan design studio

In 2014, we acquired a collection of large scale cyanotype prints from the early 20th century for our Lace Archive and exhibition program. Debbie began research into the technique, Cyanotype, which is a Victorian photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print, invented in 1842 by English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel.

Our prints are created by hand using heritage papers, hand-made bobbin lace collars, historic laces from the Debbie Bryan Lace Archive, plus vintage collectables and haberdashery to create one of a kind artwork with gold leaf illustration.

In 2020, our studio explored this beautifully unique design process, developing a new collection of exceptional in-house designs inspired by Nottingham’s rich textile heritage.

We also teach this heritage craft as part of our creative class programme. Hosting group parties, regular taught classes and Crafternoons.

Debbie Bryan design studio

Each of our ring designs are uniquely shaped by carving and mark-marking techniques. The wax rings are then cast into recycled silver at our precision casting company in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter.

Once returned, we offer our rings in stunning, polished silver or our distinct oxidised silver, brushed back by hand with steel wool to showcase the underlying silver.

Debbie Bryan Nottingham Lace Ceramics

Also part of our research and development in 2020, our studio has dedicated its illustrative design talents to establish a new collection of lace inspired patterned ceramics, tableware, cards and textiles.

Enthusiasts of heritage industries and craftsmanship, for over ten years we have enjoyed the design influences of our very own Nottingham Lace Archive. A collection of highly detailed, technical drawings, lace punch cards and intricately made delicate laces. Including pieces from the makers of Lady Diana Spencers’ wedding dress lace; Fewkes Lace Embroidery. This has provided ultimate inspiration for this Nottingham Lace Mug collection.

The master craftspeople of Duchess China 1888 and Heraldic Pottery have hand-crafted and expertly made this collection in the pottery heartland of Stoke-on-Trent.

Lace patterns from our studio’s new illustrative collections have been meticulously applied by hand on biscuit-fired fine bone china cups, saucers and Balmoral mugs. Then, hand-finished with elegant 18 caret gold detail.

Our in-house collections are perfect for gifting to employees, colleagues and clients when considering your business gifting. Explore our corporate gifting page and get in touch.

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