About us

Debbie Bryan crowned TripAdvisor’s number one shopping destination in Nottingham, four years running.


Here at Debbie Bryan, we’ve curated spaces to enable the freedom of creativity at our Nottingham Lace Market and Ruddington Village galleries, creative spaces and tea room.

We are a combination of creativity, inspiration and uniqueness, that’s delivered through the gallery’s hand-crafted collections, the tea room’s lovingly prepared, own-recipe menus and team’s ability to organise and host atmospheric experiences.

“Independent shopping experience, of the highest order.”

Andrew, 5* TripAdvisor review

Debbie Bryan began her venture in 2007, after graduating from The School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University with a Masters in Fashion & Textiles and a Degree in Textile Design. Setting up home in Nottingham, Debbie first expanded her design studio in 2009, opening our St. Mary’s Gate gallery doors to the public. Come 2020, we open our second gallery in the museum village of Ruddington. Since Debbie showcased her textile collections at The Past Present Future Exhibition at the Ruddington’s Framework Knitters Museum over 16 years ago, a steep history and love of Ruddington felt like a perfect second home.

Our galleries thoughtfully curate fashion, lighting, art, glass, ceramics and jewellery designed and made by nationwide and international designers. Specialising in handcrafted textiles, jewellery and original prints made in our own design studio, we also sell selected Nottingham Lace gifts; historic papers, framed fabrics and haberdashery trims. Debbie Bryan also houses an impressive Nottingham Lace Heritage Archive.

“As soon as I stepped through the door, I was in awe of the place! The employees at Debbie Bryan were so lovely and. I am already looking forward to visiting again.”

Chloe, 5* TripAdvisor review

We organise, co-create and host popular creative, cultural and culinary events. For our 2020/2021 program, we continue to collaborate with the brilliant and talented duo, Wendy & Tom, of Little Ramen Shop, Anne Holloway of Big White Shed and Lucy Brouwer of Watson Fothergill Walk to bring you memorable experiences; perfect for a solo treat or to share with your friends and family.

At Debbie Bryan, we are known for our individuality and creativity, the team is dedicated to sharing their ideas and knowledge via our tutored classes. We have expertise and have a love of textiles, floristry paper craft and print, which led to the creation of our more recently established Crafternoons; pre-book your curated creativity or pop in for a spontaneous make with cake and for more special occasions we recommend partnering with cocktails and our famous Afternoon Tea.

“Just spent the most enjoyable time making my own ring, which will come back to me in a couple of weeks cast in silver and I can’t wait to see it finished!”

Maggie, 5* TripAdvisor review

Come 2014, the now much-loved tea room, was introduced at our Lace Market venue. From quintessentially English tea and freshly baked cakes, to wonderful lunches and our successful Afternoon Tea menu – which has fast become a staple of anyone visit the Lace Market. You can read all about our own recipes, best loved suppliers and our popular Supperclub origins here. Plus, read our venues details and find out how we can accommodate your celebratory or business needs.

Team Debbie Bryan

Alongside Debbie, Katie manages online communication, customer experiences and is in charge of the cocktail menu. In 2020, Katie completed a four-year management degree apprenticeship at Nottingham Business School. Debbie and Katie work collectively with Nottingham College Art & Design graduate, Hannah, who develops ideas for paper craft, illustration and printmaking. To top it off, her superb baking skills have gained us many of our five-star tea room reviews, most of which can be found on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

“The staff were extremely helpful, friendly and always on hand if we needed anything.”

Claire, 5* TripAdvisor Review

Millie, Ellie and Cassia make up the energetic and enthusiastic weekend team, supporting customer service and creative development.

With a long-standing relationship with both Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham, we have supported numerous students’ professional development via our internship program. Masego made up our most recent intern alumni from Nottingham Trent University, and was an asset to the team during the year-start of 2022. We wish her the best of luck for her final year of study.

“We were warmly welcomed by staff. We were not hurried and had a wonderful experience. Will be back in the near future.”

Susie, 5* TripAdvisor Review

Design studio

Debbie Bryan studio was established soon after graduating in 2005, initialling designing and making knitted scarves, corsage brooches and intricate hand casted resin work, selling to leading galleries and stores.

In 2009, the studio expanded, to specialise in British and international craftsmanship, Debbie’s original collections sit alongside exceptional work of talented designers. The gallery sells beautiful ceramics, glassware, jewellery, prints, books, clothing, lighting, homeware and Nottingham Lace.

In house, we handcraft and create innovative textiles, detailed jewellery and unique print designs; producing collections to wear and for the home.

Heritage archive

Having lived and studied in Nottingham, Debbie fell head over heels for the stories of regions rich textile heritage, that started with securing student sponsorship from royal lace knit manufacturer GH Hurts & Sons est. 1912 who supported Debbie with yarn and mentoring for Textile Degree and Masters.

On establishing her first jewellery collection in 2006, Debbie experimented with casting Nottingham made knit and lace fabrics cast within her own resin jewellery collections.

The opportunity to meet Nick Povey, owner of Fewkes Lace Embroidery Company, and visit Nottingham’s last lace manufacturer, was a catalyst for the creation of the Debbie Bryan Heritage Archive Collection in 2010. A collection of Nottingham Lace technical illustrations, Jacquard punch cards, antique Nottingham lace trims and motifs, alongside fabric, Lace embroidery hoops, and table cloths from Cluny Lace were added, each purchasable in our Lace Market gallery.

Original pieces for Nottingham industrial lace heritage are also now housed in-store, repurposed as unique display props for the gallery and tearoom. You can spot technician’s tables, lace winders, stools and chairs. You can read more about our Nottingham Lace Archive and local heritage here.

“Based on our Nottingham heritage, this is a shopping experience not to be missed.”

Eddy, 5* TripAdvisor Review

“If you like independent shops, good service, interesting gift ideas and a look into the lace heritage of Nottingham, the this should be an essential shop on your visit to Nottingham.”

C Ducklin, 5* TripAdvisor Review